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Our Mission,Vision & Strength


With a simple thought in mind of providing crane hire services, the company was founded in 1984. Within a few years, the company stamped its mark in the heavy lift equipment industry by expanding from only one crane to its current fleet of various cranes to serve different needs in the Construction, Oil & Gas, Heavy Lifting, as well as the Infrastructure Engineering Industry.

In November 1994, Public Crane Service was incorporated. With over 10 years of excellent record since the company was first founded, the company had solved numerous rigging and heavy lifting challenges in the Oil & Gas, Petrol Chemicals, Power Plants, Cement Plants, Fabricators, Infrastructural Engineering and Construction sectors .

Subsequently, the company carried out its restructuring exercise in 2007 and was renamed Public Crane Heavy Equipment Sdn Bhd in line with its emphasis to be the leading Global Heavy Lift Solutions Provider.
Public Crane Heavy Equipment Sdn Bhd began its first step towards enhancing its corporate image and positioning to achieve broader market with its affiliate company Lai Tong Heavy Machinery Sdn Bhd. Since then, both Public Crane and Lai Tong have grown into one of the prominent solution provider for heavy lifting, equipment trading, open transit yard and general transportation. Within this region, Public Crane has flourished into as a top heavy lift specialist involved principally in trading and rental of cranes, machinery installation as well as the erection of container cranes.
With the current fleet of cranes ranging from 20 metric ton to 500 metric ton, Public Crane is able to keep up with the demand of industries and is aiming to increase the fleet of cranes ranging from 800 metric ton to 1250 metric ton capacity to meet the future demand.
Our growth plan is to constantly strive towards excellent performance on our services, fulfill the demand of various industries by setting higher operation benchmark and stringent quality control measures to maintain high level of professionalism and adopting a dynamic, progressive and innovative approach towards our business. The management team is looking towards business development opportunities in the international market especially in the oil rich Gulf region and also other major developing nations of the world.
Public Crane Heavy Equipment Sdn Bhd acknowledges the constant expectation by clientele to deliver quality services and is fully committed to achieve high standards in safety and environmental practices by creating awareness among its employees on the collective responsibility to prevent injury and occupational illness.


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